Garden Maintenance


After an initial garden tidy-up - where we trim, weed, mulch and plant to fill in the gaps, we can chat further if you would like to have us come around once a month or so to do the weeding and pruning or other garden maintenance.

Weed Removal

Any pesky plant will be dealt with accordingly, we predominantly do handweeding as that is the most instant, every centimetre of your garden space will be checked for rogues.

Lawn Care

The Lady Gardeners will carry out various procedures to keep your lawn in top shape. This might include fertilising, scarification and treating for moss. 

Shrub Pruning, Removal of Small Trees

The Lady Gardeners can also help you with tree care. We can even remove a certain tree if it comes to this. For any large trees, we will refer you to a local Dunedin arborist.

Ivy Pruning and Removal

The plants that twine on the sides of your home will be kept under control so they won't cause damage to the brickwork. Also, they can be entirely removed if that is what you prefer.

Hedge Trimming

Your hedges will be pruned with expertise and trimmed evenly, you can be sure they are in the best possible hands. Every gardening job results in a pile of green waste. With The Lady Gardeners, we will take away all the waste we create and if you have any lying about ask us to remove it too