Rose, Shrub & Tree Pruning


Our pruning services will restore your unruly roses, shrubs, and trees back to their natural form and best appearance. You can trust we’ll do this with the care and attention our green companions deserve.

Rose Pruning

The aim is to improve flowering, to maintain an attractive shape and to keep plants healthy. Rose pruning is a very precise art, The Lady Gardeners will adhere to the 'rules' of rose pruning and keep your lovely roses looking their lovely self

Shrub Pruning

To keep your nice bushes looking good a yearly shaping is needed. Some like to be cut back quite hard and others don't. Let us take care of and help you keep them at the size you want them to be

Tree Pruning

If there are any dead, diseased or broken branches on your trees, The Lady Gardeners can prune these back to improve the health of your tree.
For larger trees and something more serious, we will refer you to a local Dunedin arborist.